Captain Lemonbeard Beard Oil

Captain Lemonbeard Beard Oil

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Lets face it – your beard has been doing its job of making you look ruggedly handsome and manly.

Now it’s time to return the favour and give your beard some loving.

Beard oil is great for moisturising and hydrating your beard, and the all-natural oils have great benefits for your skin as well. The hydrating ingredients help to keep coarse hair neat and smooth, making your beard touchable, soft, and tangle-free.

Captain Lemonbeard Beard Oil is made from a blend of natural oils including hemp-seed, jojoba, sweet almond and argan oil. Each of these oils have many individual benefits that are great for the hair and skin. The aroma is a zing of citrus fruit to keep your beard zesty fresh. It comes in a 30ml glass container.

To use the beard oil simply add a few drops to the palm of your hand and with your fingertips massage into your manly beard, as you stroke your follicles you will feel your confidence and handsomeness increasing and you will be ready to face the world once again.

Pre-wash with Captain Lemon beard shampoo and conditioner for the ultimate lemon fresh tri-fecta. See other listings for products and combo’s.

Go forth bearded soldier.